Capcom Game Studio Vancouver


Turned on by tight, fast code and fun challenges?

Blue Castle’s engine was designed and implemented from the bottom up by in-house experts. Here you'll learn (and teach!) from the best… tools, rendering, physics, networking, UI, gameplay/AI, audio, consoles, handheld, PC…pick an area to excel and make it happen on one of our kick ass titles currently in production at our studio.

To top off that engineering goodness, there’s no corporate BS. Technical decisions are made by smart technical people who get things done!

Refactor? Nuke and pave if you have to!

If you're smart, get things done and want to make great games, we want you here! Have a look at our new grad or co-op opportunities listed below or better yet, send us an introduction telling us what you want to do and a resume to keep our recruiting team happy. Do it!


At Blue Castle, the creative teams are all about pushing the boundaries and having a blast doing it. If you want to bring your best ideas to the table every single day and work with others who like to live on the creative edge, this is where you want to set up shop!

If you’re into design, we’ll get you working with industry veterans who can show you the ropes and help you get your visionary new concepts refined and on the screen. You model characters or environments? Come create your heroes and villains alongside mentors who can help you perfect them.

Animation is your thing? Learn the ins and outs of bringing characters to life with experts who can teach you the tools and tricks of the trade.

Have a look at our new grad or co-op opportunities listed below and even if you don’t find something for you, send us your resume, reel or portfolio showcasing your best work anyway and find out for yourself!


Is working at Blue Castle and making games for a living really the dream job that everyone thinks it is?

%*&# yeah!!!

To apply for any position, please click on the position of interest in the list below and select "Apply for this job online". If you have any questions, please refer to our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) page.

Job Listings

There are currently no job openings. Please check back later.